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Tips in Hydroponic Systems

Written By kar yati on Friday, August 17, 2012 | 12:02 PM

It is important to learn the systems of "Hydroponic" method carefully. You need to know these things if you are serious in becoming a proponent of this modern farming approach. There are active and passive concepts that you should know regarding Hydroponics.

Active Concepts of Hydroponics

Ebb and Flow is an active type of recovery system with the following features:

    It makes use of a "submersible" pump in the tank and operates based on the fundamental flood and drain principle.

    Nutrient solutions are pumped from the reservoir to the upper tray and dispensed to the plants' roots.

    There is a flood cycle wherein the pump functions for half an hour to achieve the prescribed level. Overflowing allows the substances to be pumped out into the reservoir. Poor air is forced out of the root system by the upward movement of the solution during this cycle.

    This technique is effective but has low maintenance costs.

The Nutrient Film Method is the second variety which is made up of the following processes:

    It utilizes a reservoir with submersible pump that siphons the nutrients into the grow tube material where the roots are hang up.

    This cylinder is placed at a descending angle so the nutrient mix flows down the roots 24 hours daily and back into the container. Air stones or aquarium bubblers are used to facilitate oxygen flow throughout the tube.

    The plants are propped up by a grow-basket without any growth medium. This procedure has proven to be quite effective but can be very intolerant. Lengthy interruption of nutrient flow can cause the roots to dry since there is no growing mode to retain moisture.

The Continuous Drip Technique is the third method consisting of these techniques:

    It makes use of a pump for underwater use with supply lines for each plant. The gardener can regulate the amount of solution through a drop emitter.

    The drip tray beneath each queue of plants transfers the solution back to the reservoir. All types of growing medium can be used with this system.

Passive Hydroponics Approach

The "Wick system" is the passive hydroponic system that depends more on the growing medium. These are the procedures of the Wick system:

    The solution is soaked up by the wick and delivered to the roots. However, these systems are too watery and are not capable of providing sufficient oxygen to the plants.

    Nutrients are piled up in the storage area and flows into the root system. The nutrient blend goes up to the wick and down to the root system of the plant. The wick system is very basic and cheap but is not an effective way of gardening.

Hydroponic gardening is currently the new system to watch out for. Research studies are currently being undertaken by agricultural experts and horticultural societies throughout the country to learn about negative and positive aspects of this system. Government agencies and the academic sector are also engaged in efforts to propagate this methodology.


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