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Simple Steps To Starting Your Own Organic Garden

Written By kar yati on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | 12:01 PM

Having your own organic garden is a wish of many people, and it is also a very smart decision to make. Organic garden will allow you to eat natural food and will be on reach to you from your back yard. You will avoid consummation of synthetic fertilizers, additives, hormones and pesticides.

If this isn't a good enough reason for you to cultivate your vegetables organically, you may also add the fact that most vegetables we buy today are genetically modified. This means that they are robbed of natural ingredients and are altered to withhold various environmental changes and plagues. They are also made to grow bigger and to grow in different sizes and shapes.

All this makes vegetables tasteless, fruitless, and robbed of healthy ingredients. Additionally, such vegetables will also contribute to various diseases and will not help you in any way.

If you want to grow your own organic garden, following steps should help you get started:

First step - Have a vision and set some goals of what you want to achieve with your garden. Do you want to have it to sustain your entire family or just for some nice appealing addition to your back yard, with few plants to contribute occasionally to your meals?

Second Step - Decide where you want to grow your organic garden. Make sure that the site you select get have plenty of sun, as this is important to allow your vegetables to grow to its full potential.

Third Step - Create a new bad for your garden. If the site you have selected is currently covered with other plants or with grass or gravel, you will need to remove them. Measure how big you want your garden to be and start digging a garden bed.

Fourth Step - Fill your new bed with a good soil. It is best to buy plenty of high-quality soil or compost. You may even want to get that soil tested to see how rich it is in nutrients and acidity.

Fifth Step - You are now ready to plant some plants in your organic garden. Look for those plants that were already organically grown as those that were grown conventionally will bring pesticides and other chemicals into your garden. When you get your desired plants to your home, give them a lot of water to drink and start planting them.

Sixth Step - It is best that you label all your plants so you know exactly which kind is which. You may plant various kinds of tomatoes or cucumbers for example, and it is good to know one from the other.

That's it. Making your own organic garden takes some time and work, but it is a simple process nevertheless. Don't worry if you can't find your way around creating a garden yourself, as there are many easy guides available out there to assist you in the process.


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