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Solar Power Vs Wind Power

Written By kar yati on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 | 11:59 AM

The two big-hitters in the race for green energy at the moment are Solar and Wind; being championed by Photovoltaic (solar) Panels and Wind-Powered Turbines respectively. But which one of these is better? It takes a wiser soul than I to measure these against each other, but I can give a summary.

It is generally agreed that wind turbines are the way forward in a large scale operation. They're far more adaptable than their solar rivals; PV panels can only produce electricity when exposed to high levels of sunlight. This limits their usage in many locations around the globe but wind turbines can combat the problems encountered when installing them in relatively 'wind-less' areas. Constructing them at higher altitude or in valleys which funnel air currents will still allow them to function; PV panels are simply not viable in overcast parts of the world. The ability to build wind turbines out to sea means they can benefit from tidal and coastal winds too.

Modern turbines are almost silent compared to their roaring predecessors and they're slowly becoming a fashionable accessory to architecture, as the public comes around to a greener way of thinking. And although the largest systems can power up to 2,000 homes throughout the year, these monoliths don't come without their critics. People are saying now that the battle for an eco-world will be won in home and garden, not in factories and plantations. Winning the public is key to success and this is where wind turbines could trip; in their smaller, more domestic carnations they are extremely location sensitive and nowhere near as efficient.

Small turbine systems need to be implemented in areas of above average wind speeds, preferably at height and away from interference. Modern built-up areas are ten to the dozen with lampposts, trees, houses, apartment blocks; all sources on which a gust will lose some energy. They just aren't cost-effective on the smaller scale. Solar panels will perform as well on a metre of roof space in London as they will anywhere else in the world, provided they receive the same sunlight. This makes them ideal for domestic use; solar panels are appearing on campsites, in cars and on residential roofing all across the world because at the moment, solar energy is the most accessible to the most people.

The true way to tackle the eco dilemma is to consolidate force. Companies need to invest more money into looking at how wind and solar energy can be united, not divided. Installing a small system consisting of solar panels and wind turbines will cover far more bases, giving you power options in sunshine and showers, the blistering midday heat and the blustery evening downpour. In parts of the world that experience the extremes of weather, for instance the majority of the North American continent; this could be the end of their domestic energy problems for good.


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